What is a Pulse Load Test?
A 'load' refers to a current drain that is applied to a battery. For example, charging the flash in a camera. We use the term 'Pulse Load' to indicate that the load is automatically applied for a specific period of time, then disconnected without user intervention. This method enables testing of the battery under relatively large loads without draining or damaging the battery. The duration and magnitude of the Pulse Load varies depending on battery type, and may be single or multiple during the test cycle.

Advantage of Pulse Load Technology
Battery performance is very important in today's electronic devices. Voltmeters and conventional battery testers do not sufficiently load the battery under test. ZTS Multi-Battery Testers™ provide a fully automatic pulse load test to determine state of charge (SOC) or state of power. The pulse load creates real power demand and measures battery performance under load, not just voltage or internal resistance.

Patented high accuracy Pulse Load test
• Quickly and easily identifies weak or failing batteries
• Simle operation - test results in seconds
• Ideal for battery management and cell matching - reduce costs and increase reliability
• Made in U.S.A. Patents 6,823,274 - D515444 - D569285